Are Three Months Enough for CSS Preparation?

It is the most frequently asked question CSS aspirants usually come across. They wonder whether the CSS exam can be cracked in three months or not. To be very honest, nothing is impossible if one has a strong will and aim for getting their dreams to come true. Three months are enough to prepare for the CSS exam designed by the FPSC syllabus if you have a solid academic background with a strong English language.

Every second and third day, we listen to many success stories of CSS aspirants who pass CSS in a short time. It is a misconception in the mind of new aspirants that CSS requires a lot of time, like 7 to 8 months, and it does require if you don’t know a single word about CSS.

You can easily pass it once you come to know about your caliber and once you understand that you have already had the command of its pre-requisites. Be confident for the CSS exam. Don’t overload your mind with unnecessary curiosity about CSS. Be relaxed and free your mind to prepare.

There are some critical points about how you can prepare for CSS in three months. We hope that you will crack it if you strongly act upon these elements. 

Select Your Study Time

By means of study time, we indicate all CSS aspirants, whether they are job holders or fresh graduates. Selection of study time is one of the essential elements. Job holders often work from 9 to 5, which means that they can only study after 5 pm or early morning. You should first identify your study time because that will help you make your initial strategy of preparation.

Take some rest and start preparing afterward with some gaps. On the other hand, if you are free for the entire day, you can select the best 4 to 6 hours out of the day or more to prepare for the exam. Divide your time very wisely where no comprise is made for any activity of the day.

Focus on The Compulsory First

Preparing compulsory in the beginning is a wise move. While you prepare compulsory subjects, you will get plenty of time to decide on optional subjects. In preparing compulsory subjects, remember that you will have to prepare for current affairs in the last. The reason behind preparing for current affairs in the last is that it keeps updating every day. Therefore, preparing it at the end would be a gentle step.

Once you are done with compulsory ones, now is the time to prepare optional subjects according to the strategy you have made. Keep track of all optional subjects so that you understand the degree of your preparation.

Make Your Notes

During overall preparation, one of the blunders some aspirants make is the study of others’ notes. Never go for someone else’s notes; rather, you should prepare your CSS notes. There are lots of benefits to making your own notes.

Making your notes will help you make associations with points and page formatting that help in memorizing later. Of course, humans remember things better with the associations they have made to.

Take Breaks

Don’t study consecutively in the preparatory hours. You won’t pick up all the points this way. If you have worked in your office till 5 pm, you are already tired, and you may not concentrate as you could have done without a job. Let your mind relax in the meanwhile so that you keep a rhythm on and on.

You can leave CSS books for a while and close your eyes for some minutes. You can give a reward to yourself after you complete a particular topic, or you can go for any other relaxing therapy that energizes you each time better than the previous time.

Take Mock Exams as Much as You Can  

You can never realize how something feels unless you take a real or virtual look at it. Mock exams (Past Papers) make you look into the real CSS exam. It is one of the best sources that show you the current result of the exam’s preparation and clarifies your concepts by showing you each time your mistakes.

Once these strategies are owned, you can easily prepare for the CSS exam in three months. It is not something out of the approach with a constant time of 6 to 8 months for its preparation. A strong will and wise strategy can take you towards the best achievements in life.

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