Can I Do CSS?

Central Superior Service (CSS) is an exam that any citizen of Pakistan can give. A lot of youth across the country pass it every year and make their career. You can do CSS if you fulfill some of its criteria. For example, you should be between 22 years to 30 years to appear in it, and you must have completed your graduation from an HEC recognized university. Also, you will have to take care of the number of attempts, etc.

These are the fundamental requirements of CSS. Some youth in Pakistan decide their career as CSS officers through the FPSC exam after they pass higher secondary school exams. Well, we do provide details about careers once you sit to decide your career. Below are some levels of education that would help you prepare and appear in the CSS exam. We hope we will answer your queries to the best of your expectations.

Can I do CSS After FSC?

Well, you may start preparing for the CSS exam after FSC, but you cannot appear with this qualification. What you can do is take admission to a university and complete your graduation first. Meanwhile, you can start knowing about the CSS exam and its criteria. Remember, you should not fill your mind this time with worries. In fact, you haven’t appeared yet, and you have a lot of time for now to manage anything else.

Can I do CSS After FA?

Indeed, you cannot appear with this level of education, but you can prepare in advance! Students with art backgrounds often think that they may not comprehend the subjects of CSS, or they may not crack it as others can. These are all misconceptions that one keeps in mind. Arts students can, too, prepare for CSS, and they may perform better in the exam. If you have an arts background, start reading books, improve the English language and work on your analytical skills. This will adjust you much better among others indeed.

Can I do CSS After BA?

Yes, you can do CSS after your BA (two years of graduation in Pakistan). If you are a graduate, you should download the FPSSC syllabus, get an idea from the past papers and start preparing from the books recommended. Graduation is a unique opportunity for those who are willing to appear in the CSS exam. You cannot imagine the satisfaction you will get at an early age after passing the CSS exam.

Can I do CSS After BS?

Of course, you can do CSS after BS (16 years graduation). The minimum requirement for CSS is 14 years of education. An aspirant holding the criteria with Pakistani nationality can appear in this exam. In fact, students, who have completed BS, have already studied lots of subjects during the four years of study. So, this becomes a plus point while choosing and preparing optional subjects of CSS.

How Many Times Can We Give CSS?

There are only three chances. You can only give three attempts of the exam. These attempts can be given in two ways. First, aspirants can give each attempt one after another in a consecutive manner. Second, aspirants may take a gap of one or two years to prepare well for the next chance. Remember, they would be compelled to give consecutive attempts if they are already 27 years old.

18 thoughts on “Can I Do CSS?

    • Ajmal Shah says:

      Yes, Students who have the HEC Recognized degree of BA ,BS ,BSC or B.COM in any field can apply for CSS Exams.

  1. Zarish says:

    Sir I am doing diploma of fashion designing from iqra university can I appear in this exam after completing my two years diploma ?

    • Ajmal Shah says:

      I think, No. Because only bachelor’s degree holders can apply, either 2 years (BSs or BA) or 4 years BS programs. Not sure about your degree! Thanks

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