How Can I Prepare for CSS at Home?

How can I prepare for CSS at home

Preparing for the CSS exam is one of the challenging tasks for aspirants. It becomes very tough when you sit to prepare and start facing lots of difficulties and other barriers that divert you and degrade your passion. On the other hand, it is not impossible. Many CSPs have prepared at home, passed the CSS exam, and become an inspiration for others.

If we look at the preparation of CSS at home, two things come to our mind. The first is the stuff, and the second is strategy. Aspirants preparing at home must have access to the stuff that is required for CSS. Also, they should have a very good strategical approach towards its preparation and an outstanding timetable that could help them prepare for the CSS exam. If you want to make a timetable, you can go through the article “How to make Timetable for CSS preparation?” on our website.

Let us look at the stuff and strategy you would require for the preparation of CSS at your home. Go through the article thoroughly.


The following points will describe the true meaning of stuff in terms of CSS preparation.

Download FPSC Syllabus

No one can ever understand the length and breadth of anything unless he goes through its fundamental idea. FPSC syllabus is a deep insight into the CSS exam, and it provides a detailed understanding of the CSS exam. Download it first of all and go through all the compulsory and optional subjects (your ones) to know the area of preparation for that subject.

The syllabus also helps you choose optional subjects. You cannot choose any subject unless you know the demand of it. So, the syllabus is the only source that will make you fully understand what CSS is.

Download Past Papers 

Once you have understood and chosen optional subjects, the next step is to download the CSS past papers. Every aspirant who wants to prepare for the CSS exam at home must download past papers. These papers give a real understanding of a subject how it appears in the CSS exam. Therefore, it is very important to download past papers because it will help you prepare any subject intelligently.

Buy Suggested/Recommended Books 

When you look into the CSS syllabus deeply, you will come across many books that FPSC recommends; This is when you should select books against particular subjects. You should relate the book’s content with the FPSC syllabus because the relevance of the books with the required field is too essential.

Once you know what books are required, go for them and buy them so that they are present in your home at the time of preparation. You can order these books online from our website or visit the book market to have them on your study table.

Buy stationary stuff

Besides books, you have to manage notebooks, pens, pencils, highlighters, and other stationery stuff. CSS is not child’s play, and you won’t get time for these things during the preparation. All these things must be arranged so that you lack no basic facilities. Books and stationary stuff would have another benefit that is the impact. There will be a very good impact that will keep your courage at its peak because they are the source of motivation in your room. Nothing will attract more than these things.

Have an excellent internet connection

When you are preparing for the CSS exam at home, you do need a strong internet connection. CSS of the current era is much advanced than the previous one. You have to broaden your ideas with the help of research or survey papers available online. Internet will help you when you want a quick search on any particular topic. It also provides lots of other platforms which help you take an online test and many more effortlessly. Therefore, having a fast internet is essential.

Access Dawn newspaper Everyday

Dawn newspaper is one of the best recommendations for CSS aspirants. It is helpful in all aspects, whether it is vocabulary building, an excellent written expression, or information building. Every day, you should read the newspaper’s editorial page where very competent and intelligent journalists discuss the problem of the current time.

Before, aspirants used to access Dawn newspaper physically, but now, it can be accessed online. Access through any method is useful anyways.

Convert your room into a classroom

Preparing at home may keep you at high risk. For example, there can be no other distraction than a bedroom itself because each thing in a bedroom takes us towards comfort and rest. We often feel sleepy when we look at the bed, and our beloved blanket and LED screen may take our mind towards a funny movie or any other web series. In fact, there is a lot of distraction in the bedroom that is not useful during CSS preparation.

To stay focused, you have to convert your bedroom into a sort of study room. You may have two options. Either you will change your room entirely or take out all the distracting things from the bedroom.


The other important element for the preparation of CSS is strategy. All books and other stuff would be useless if you lack a good strategy. Following are some key points that will elaborate on the best strategic approach.

Set up your timetable 

First of all, make a timetable according to the time available. Estimate the months you have and start preparing according to it. Your timetable should meet every day’s target. The accomplishment made in a day will take you towards significant achievements. It would be best if you start preparing a bit earlier rather than preparing at the eleventh hour. Early preparation will give you a soft corner for any type of exceptions that were not part of your timetable.

Research on different topics online every day

Do not concern books all the time. The modern era is full of up-to-date content that will help you access to-the-point topics quickly. When you research online, you will get the latest updates on the topic. The research will not only broaden your ideas but will also save you time. You can access YouTube for better interaction or may access any other platform that seems effortless and feasible to you.

Evaluate Yourself 

Indeed, you would persistently prepare for the CSS exam at home, but how would you know your weaknesses and mistakes? Of course, you have to show your assignments to the expert who identifies the major problems. It is imperative to make a connection with a tutor who evaluates you daily, weekly or monthly tasks. Learning without assessment can take you on the wrong path. Also, keep the previous record in which you got evaluated initially, which will give you an idea of how you improved.

Don’t Get Disappointed

It needs an incredible passion for preparing at home. You may come across lots of disappointments because you are preparing alone in a room. You may get tired of the activities that make you work for long hours in a day, or you may get stuck in either of the subjects. In such cases, the looser side of your mind will continuously ask you to give up and leave everything you do.

Don’t ever get disappointed when you feel so. Remember, no victory has ever been made without great hard work. As it is very well said, “Every successful person has a painful story, and every painful story has a successful ending. So, accept the pain and get ready for success.”

It was all about how you can prepare for CSS at home. Now, if you want to buy books or buy past papers online, we will provide you with these things with free home delivery. Order them now and start preparing for CSS at home.

21 thoughts on “How Can I Prepare for CSS at Home?

    • Ajmal Shah says:

      Hello Anika,
      Yes, students having an Associate Degree (ADP) or any other two years bachelor’s degree are eligible for CSS.

    • Ajmal Shah says:

      Of course, You can! But not everybody because reading from a mobile or computer screen is not something which everyone can do and it can be worse for our eyes too!

  1. Hassaan Zahid says:

    Should I use one of my three trials just for assessing the pressure, type of environment and difficulty of live CSS paper, even though I know that I will not pass this time? Just to have an idea so that I can do better at my next trial.

    • Ajmal Shah says:

      Depends on you but I would say don’t lose one of the trials. Better to prepare and then appear, nothing bad in that. Thanks

  2. Usama Ali says:

    Asslam u allaikum I am a student of BSIT 6th semester in an Affiliated college and started a business should I start preparing for CSS now or should I wait for my degree

    • Ajmal Shah says:

      W Salam, You can start preparation any time, the earlier the better but you can apply only when you will have a degree! Thanks

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