How to Improve English for CSS at Home?

Undoubtedly, the English language is the key element for passing the CSS exam. Many aspirants often fail or even don’t go for attempting the CSS exam because of their weak English language. Well, it is not that hard to prepare, and English for the CSS exam can be prepared at home very easily. It is just a language, and you need to polish your communication skills upon it.

As per the requirement of English for the CSS exam, you need to be good at both written and oral communication. In the first phase, aspirants are required to go through screening and written examinations held according to the CSS syllabus. This phase completely evaluates the written skill of a candidate with a critical approach. In the second phase, qualified aspirants undergo an interview where they are evaluated for their oral communication with strong general knowledge.

Therefore, we would tell you some tips that would help you improve both written and oral English. Follow the tips provided below and improve your English for CSS at home.

Improve English Grammar

To be honest, grammar may not be an essential part of learning the English language. There are lots of native English speakers who don’t know English grammar, but they are very good at it. You may also learn the English language if you attach to a solid English language environment.

But, if we compare second speakers of the language, it is very necessary to have good grammar for the four proficiencies of the English language. Grammar can help you understand the mechanism behind each sentence that is formed, it can help to know what another writer has written something, and you would know what you are speaking. Buy any grammar book from the market and start practicing it in its exercises and in reading, writing, listening, and speaking that you do on a daily basis.


CSS exam is all about reading and writing. One who holds a strong command over these skills can easily pass it. Reading is an essential part of the English language. Harry S. Truman said, “Not all readers are leaders but all leaders are readers.” Reading enhances the critical thinking capabilities of humans. You would get very important vocabularies and structures that would be required for writing later.

Reading is an essential receptive skill that directly affects written communication. You can never become a good writer unless you read well. It might seem very easy to you, but it is more challenging if you are weak in reading. Reading can provide all the impressive written expressions and vocabularies required in a good piece of writing. So, this is an obligatory attempt to improve the English language.


Writing is a corresponding productive skill to reading. If you are a good reader, only then you can produce a good piece of writing. Once you have started reading, you should always seek out some time to write it in your words. Get it checked by an expert or senior who can rectify your mistakes. In this way, you would get gradual betterment in writing.

Write on different topics. Do not limit yourself to limited topics, and you can never express your opinion on a topic you have not experienced before. Writing can be done on any topic that starts from a piece of chalk to the universe, galaxies, and beyond them. If you read and write every day, you will see a gradual improvement in yourself.


Another proficiency of the English language is listening. It is the second receptive skill you have for data gathering and language learning. Most people think that listening is the least important, but they never know the impact of listening over speaking. A child even listens for two years constantly to be able to speak. Therefore, you, too, require to listen for better speaking. Watch English movies, documentaries, or listen to English songs that you find interesting, and observe all the mechanisms they use to speak.

Observe how they communicate with one another and what words they use for different entities. After all, do your best to speak like them.


Now is the time to practice what you have learned in listening. Make a partner who is at least available for one time in a day for speaking. Conversate with him because it is the most effective source of improving speaking. If you don’t have one, you can record yourself and can use the intrapersonal communication type. In short, every day’s speaking is necessary for improvement.

If you ever get an opportunity to speak publicly, do avail it. It will boost up your confidence, and you would decrease socio-phobia over time with such practices.

Enhance Vocabularies

Lots of aspirants complain that they lack good vocabulary. Earlier, we mentioned reading which is, indeed, very useful. Also, you can buy vocabulary books that provide you with a stock of vocabulary with good learning exercises. These exercises include filling blanks with appropriate words, matching them with their meanings, writing a paragraph, or reading it in a passage.

Sometimes, vocabulary from books might seem you a hectic task. You can explore these vocabularies from google. Google provides you pictures along with words that associate all new terms in your mind easily. It is very useful, and such words remain long-lasting in your mind.

Everyday plan

Above were some tips that must be followed to improve the English language, but you might be wondering about the plan of the day. Here is a short plan that can give help you in practice.

In the beginning, give three hours in a day – 90 minutes for reading and writing and 90 minutes for listening and speaking. In the first 90 minutes, read anything you like for the first 60 minutes, and then write for the next thirty minutes. In the second 90 minutes, listen for 60 minutes, and then speak for the rest 30 minutes. In this way, you would have given three hours a day.

This is all that is required for improving English for the CSS exam. As you move on, increase the time for each module continuously. Once you start learning through this procedure, you will improve shortly with no worries of accessing any English language academy.

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