Is CSS better than MBBS?

Is CSS better than MBBS?

Students grow up with lots of dreams in their minds about their future. They work and think day and night about what they want to become. In the early ages, when they listen to limited sources of a particular field, they always want to join it. However, they tend to change their minds as they get more briefing about other fields.

Students keep receiving various advice from people about their careers during the matriculation- until they choose one to be in. In this situation, they get confused about which field to choose and why to choose. The only mistake they commit is the ignorance of awareness and self-research. Of course, these young students never go for researching about a particular field on their own. Instead, they always meet up with people who are already in that field. Such people can only make up their minds with their limited experience irrespective of the scope of other fields.

After students pass their intermediate, they often get confused among the two most dominant fields: CSS or MBBS. No doubt, their decision will either make their whole career, or they would quit their job by just getting fed up with it. If you are also confused between CSS and MBBS, here is our research about both fields. It will help you to choose your field wisely. Before we decide to opt for a field, let us have an insight into their scope.

Why should one become a CSP Officer?

Here are some of the points for CSS Aspirants that will explain the scope of CSS. Let us have a review of these elaborating points.


CSS is one of the most important and prestigious fields of Pakistan. People in Pakistan dream to make their children CSP officers, make relationships with CSP officers, or wonder about them at least. It is all due to the prestige of CSS. Of course, why would one not get such a high value and worth in a society when he puts all his efforts into passing the CSSS exam?

Therefore, CSS is going to give you a high worth in society. You would be the inspiration of many young and old due to the hard work that paid you off.

Perks and Benefits

Apart from the prestige CSS will give you, people love to become CSP officers because of the perks and benefits. CSP officers get a handsome salary, an apartment (residential allowance otherwise), a car along with petrol for office use, medical treatment, or retirement facilitation, etc.

Above all, CSPs get educational benefits for their children. Government makes a very good concession for their children in different educational institutes of Pakistan. These are all the perks and benefits that attract most of the youth of Pakistan to be CSP officers.

Exploration of Different Places

CSP officers get transferred multiple times during the service. This means that they get a tremendous chance of experiencing new places not only in Pakistan but also in foreign countries sometimes. Travel is one of the best things that teaches man more than anything else. During the service, they keep meeting and exploring new people and cultures. They come to know about their traditions, problems and opportunities. Thus, it is a fantastic chance to explore places.

An opportunity to participate in the development of Pakistan

A young man always wants to bring changes and development to his country. He might get failed if he attempts to change individually; rather, he could become a bureaucrat. On the other hand, CSP officers are an essential part of state pillars. They play an indispensable role in the development of the country. 

This is, again, another attraction that brings the youth of Pakistan towards bureaucracy. If you dream of developing Pakistan, CSS is one of the best fields you can opt for as a career.

An opportunity to avail great exposure

Being a bureaucrat, you would meet a lot of good and bad people. Each time you experience someone, you would get something to learn. You will come to about your weakness and problem where the exposure will improve all these weaknesses and problems.

A CSP officer might belong to a backward area or low-income family, or he might be poor enough at the time of joining the bureaucracy of Pakistan. But there is always a good ending once he passes the CSS exam.

To cut it short, these are the reasons that CSS dominates most of the other fields of Pakistan.

Why should one become a doctor?

Doctors, on the other hand, are also very prestigious. They play an important part in the savings of human life. Here are few points that attract people to why they should become doctors.

Global respect

Doctors are globally respected for the field they have. If you become a doctor, people respect you to save the lives of old and innocent ones. The situation of covid-19 clearly elaborated that they desire more respect than they have. They were the only soldiers on the front during this global pandemic.

Job security

Doctors have very secure jobs. Either they are government servants, or they sit in their private clinics; they keep curing people. Every day, thousands of people get sick; they don’t have any other option than to visit a doctor. So, there are no job insecurities.

Being lifesavers

Some people love and dream of being lifesavers. Being a doctor, you would enjoy your dream and job if you cure people. Indeed, it is the best social welfare.

Discovering Career Opportunities

You can discover a lot of local and global opportunities. You can work in different research fields present in the developed countries of the world. You would enjoy working limitlessly.

These were the points about MBBS, which defines its scope.

CSS is better than MBBS

If we compare through above points, we can see that CSS provides more opportunities than MBBS. Above all, CSS is more prestigious than MBBS. There are more interactions, more perks, and benefits than a doctor gains. In fact, many doctors have given the CSS exam after their MBBS, which clearly indicates the dominancy of CSS on MBBS.

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    • Ajmal Shah says:

      Baloch, Try to do a BS degree in relevant optional subjects which you are going to keep/select in CSS. That way you can prepare optional subjects too!

    • Ajmal Shah says:

      Dear Imran, Graduation is necessary. i am afraid that soon they will announce that candidates should have 16 years of education to qualify. So it is something to do!

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