Is CSS Exam Difficult in Pakistan?

Is CSS exam difficult

CSS exam is one of Pakistan’s most prestigious competitive exams where lots of students fail, and very few students hardly pass it. When new candidates look at the passing ratio of the CSS exam, they fear whether it would be a difficult or an easy exam.

To measure the difficulty of the CSS exam, it cannot be said that it is whether easy or challenging. It can be easy for committed, dedicated, and hard workers CSS Aspirants and difficult for those who are overconfident among any one of the previous factors.

There are some factors that can describe the ease and difficulty of the CSS exam. Below are the elements that you should keep in your mind before you measure the difficulty level. Let’s have a look at what makes the CSS exam difficult.

Weak English language Skills

Almost all the subjects of the CSS exam are in the English language. A lot of CSPs have been emphasizing the most important part of the CSS exam is English. If you observe, you will find that English is involved in all aspects of the CSS exam except in Islamic studies (even this has the option of an English attempt).

A lot of aspirants have a dream to pass this exam. They work day and night to pursue their dreams, but they forget the basic requirement of the CSS exam. Look at an assumption that the majority of CSS aspirants are failed in English essay and precise which clearly demonstrates the major focus towards the English language. Also, weak English communication skills give an inadequate understanding of the subjects that an aspirant wants to crack.

Time management

“Time is money”. It has been seen that aspirants are unable to manage their time. They don’t go for the optimal time usage during the preparation of the CSS exam. Sometimes, they give a lot of time to a subject that requires very little time. By doing so, they face the music in the preparation of other subjects. So, it would be difficult for such aspirants who don’t have time management skills.

In addition to this, when aspirants are unable to manage their time, they go through stress and depression that numbs their minds at some stage of the preparation. Therefore, give proper time to each subject that you feel is essential, and manage your time in the best way that leads to no stress and depression at the end.

Weak academic background

Aspirants apply for the CSS exam across all Pakistan every year where students belong to weak and strong educational backgrounds. The CSS exam seems to be challenging for most of the students belonging to a weak educational background.

As an example, no candidates have passed the CSS exam from Quetta center the recent years. This clearly indicates that weak educational background leads to difficulty and failure in the CSS exam.

Dependency on academies

Academies play an important role in making the mindset of CSS aspirants; It is a misconception that aspirants who prepared through any CSS preparatory academy pass the CSS exam. Aspirants don’t understand that these academies enroll thousands of CSS aspirants to teach very few to pass the CSS exam. They run their business through qualified candidates who are very less in numbers, whereas they never show the ratio of failures-that is what we call a marketing strategy.

The CSS exam would be difficult if you are dependent on CSS preparatory academies. Indeed, you need hard work, motivation, and consistency to pass the CSS exam. You can make your exam easy if you prepare it through a genius approach by accessing the internet and books.

lack of Smart strategical approach

Smart planning is very necessary for the preparation of the CSS exam. The FPSC syllabus would make you understand the subjects and their content, but it would never tell you how to prepare. Students who start preparing too early, thinking that they would prepare it earlier than the others, or students who prepare nearly thinking that it is a piece of cake for them are in a misunderstanding. You can never prepare it by just reading the CSS books and cramming them for writing it on the day of the exam.

You have to make an intelligent plan that could ease your preparation in a short time. Use your time gently so that you keep spare time for any vulnerability during the preparation.

Lacking critical skills

A critical skill is a name of understanding the objective analysis of anything and making a judgment upon what you have observed. Sometimes, aspirants think that they can easily read out and memorize the content, which will provide them success, but no success has ever been seen through this method.

The CSS exam would be extremely difficult if you prepare the subjects without critically looking into it. You have to make your concepts first, make an analysis, and form your ideology about the topic you are preparing. People mostly read books and make their mindset accordingly, but they never observe the content and raise any question critically against it.

Weak observation

Aspirants with weak observation suffer badly in the preparation and qualification of the CSS exam. You have to observe the lines present in the book and then make your understanding. Those who have weak observation can never have the importance of small critical concepts within larger ones, in short. They would never know the importance of short words that speak too loud.

Ignoring interview

These were the elements of the pre-exam that provided you a detailed overview of the exam’s difficulty. On the other hand, students who do not prepare for their interviews go through a tough time. The interview needs a similar preparation as you would require for the written exam. Passing the CSS exam will be difficult if you ignore the interview and its preparation.

You would be surprised if you qualified for the written exam. Then in that short time, the interview will dangle your overall success. Thus, it would be the best approach to prepare for your interview after you give the written exam.

To sum up, these are the most important reasons that would define the ease and difficulty of the CSS exam. If you consider them and capture your weak points, then it won’t be difficult anymore. Make a creative approach towards the CSS exam and crack it as quickly as possible.

4 thoughts on “Is CSS Exam Difficult in Pakistan?

  1. Maryam says:

    This is a great list comprising all the essential points. I have just graduated and am planning to study for CCS exams but I have no guidance. I feel I need to tackle the optional subjects are I have some grip on the compulsory ones. But how should I begin? Should I go for an academy in addition to self-study or should I manage my own strategy? I don’t have any guidance.

    • Ajmal Shah says:

      Hello Maryam,
      I would suggest to get some insights from a CSP qualified, that will help you a lot along with your own strategy and planning to crack the CSS exam. Moreover you can check our Time Table guide, if you are looking for one in order to manage your time. Thank you!

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