Is CSS Possible without Academy?

A frequently asked question roams in the mind of almost every CSS aspirant whether they can prepare for the CSS exam without an academy or not. Of course, anyone can prepare for this prestigious exam without an academy.

Academies are costly in every aspect. Aspirants suffer through harsh conditions; they remain far away from their homes and face many other hardships of life. Sometimes, academies degrade weak aspirants who prepare for the CSS exam at the time. The aspirants think of them as comparatively weaker than others during the preparation at any academy.

Other than that, aspirants may worry about financial assistance and grocery management. Therefore, staying at home and preparing for the CSS exam is one of the best alternatives to academies. To prepare it well, you need the following points to be adopted prior to everything.

Be a Reader 

You have to build strong book reading habits for passing the FPSC competitive exam. No victory can be achieved in the attempt of a CSS exam if you lack reading habits. Reading carries lots of benefits. For example, it broadens your mind and ideology for thinking out of the box. You would get a strong reading power which can help you prepare enormous theory in an optimal time. Additionally, you would quickly build content that would be required for the CSS exam. 

Be Passionate

CSS is a long journey, and it needs a great passion for going through all the phases of exams. You might feel disappointments and depression on the way, but you need to carry it along. Being passionate can help you continue hard work without thinking of failure or any other problem.

Be Perseverant 

Nothing has ever been achieved without perseverance. You have to show great consistency in your behavior and commitment to the task. Many CSS aspirants fail to pursue their dream of the CSS exam where the only reason is the absence of perseverance in them. You may prepare for the CSS exam in three months, six months, eight months, or a year, but all you would need is the perseverant efforts and obsession that ties you to the only destiny of success.

Daily/weekly/monthly self-evaluation

After the primary points, preparing for the CSS exam requires you to work hard every day and evaluate yourself daily, weekly, or monthly. This is essential because no one can improve unless they evaluate themselves. The evaluation would help you analyze your syllabus preparation whether that can be enough for the CSS exam or not. In other words, it is a gauge that defines the probability of success.

You can evaluate yourself daily. Check out the new words, content, and differences that you have studied on the day. Also, you can evaluate yourself weekly. You can look at the tasks of the first and last day to compare them to find the difference between them. Then, you need to check yourself monthly as well. This comparison will let you look at the significant improvement you have made over a month.

Rectifying weakness 

After you evaluate yourself, you will come across lots of mistakes, and Rectifying those mistakes is something more necessary. Once you ignore a mistake, it will soon be your nature or part of your negative growth. Note down all your mistakes during the evaluation and keep rectifying them one after the other.

Focus on the weakest part a bit more as it needs extra work. Don’t burden and overload your mind with problems and weaknesses. In fact, keep them just the part of improvement, and this will let you frequently move towards success. 

Meeting Daily Targets according to the Plan

Make a plan for the CSS exam according to the available time. Start preparing against that plan because it will provide you a systematic approach towards final achievement. You can never prepare in a certain period of time unless you make a plan first and follow it later. Accomplish all your daily tasks, and do not procrastinate because procrastination is a denial of the task.

After knowing all these points, it should be clear to the CSS aspirants that the academy is not the only option they have; rather, they can prepare on their own easily. These aspirants only need passion, perseverance, and a bit of hard work, which can pave the path for CSS.

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