What is CSS course in Pakistan?

What is CSS course in Pakistan

The CSS (Central Superior Services) exam is one of the most prestigious competitive exams in Pakistan. It is conducted by the Federal Public Service Commission every year to select bachelor’s degree holders passed with a minimum of the second division. FPSC recruits and selects the candidates in BPS-17 with Pakistani nationality to serve among various service groups of Pakistan. Following groups are the service groups where the successful CSS aspirants serve:

  • Pakistan Customs
  • Commerce and Trade Group (CTG)
  • Foreign Service of Pakistan
  • Inland Revenue Service of Pakistan
  • Information Services of Pakistan
  • Military Lands & Cantonment
  • Office Management and Secretariat Group
  • Pakistan Administrative Service
  • Audit and Accounts Service
  • Police Service of Pakistan
  • Postal Group
  • Railways (Commercial & Transport) Group

These are the groups that one will join after passing the CSS exam, but do you know which one is most popular among these? Of course, The Foreign Service and Pakistan Administrative Service of Pakistan!

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What is the fee of CSS in Pakistan?

The written competitive exam fee of CSS is 2200/ only, whereas the fee of CSS preparatory academies varies. The fee of CSS preparatory academies starts from 50,000 PKR to 90,000 PKR, depending upon the regions where a candidate wants to study.

Apart from this, a lot of aspirants prefer to prepare for the CSS exam at home. They buy books, get access to online lectures, and prepare their notes on their own instead of paying such a huge amount of money to these CSS preparatory academies.

What is CSS salary?

The CSS perks and salaries vary in different groups. A newly appointed trained officer (BPS-17) gets the salary of about 70,000 PKR, where other facilities are also included in it. They get home/flat in the district where they are posted, and a car in different groups with 120 -150 liters of petrol. Sometimes, the unavailability of a vehicle may require a CSS officer to wait.

The salary of CSS officers increases as their pay scale upgrades, and they get extra allowances as they promote over time.

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