Which Field is Best for CSS?


CSS is a dream of many students during their studies, where very few pass the CSS exam. Also, few don’t know which field to choose after their intermediate. The former reason might include a lot of other factors, but the latter one is purely related to the CSS Aspirants‘ preparation ease and scope during civil services.

Choosing the best field not only helps you in preparing your optional subjects but also eases the job that you desire. Your degree will define all the measures of success in the CSS exam. This content will describe the relation of choosing a particular subject with other subjects and help you understand the connection of that field with the service group you want to join. Let’s get into it.

BS international relation

There are twelve different service groups. Among these, the foreign service of Pakistan is the want of every CSS aspirant. Aspirants love it because of the perks and benefits it provides. FSP entertains its employees through the exploration of the world and the prestige it owns. Therefore, you may be desiring to be a part of it.

You can join FSP easily if you have opted for international relations as in bachelor. Choosing IR will help you cover Pakistan studies, government, and politics of Pakistan, foreign policy of Pakistan, geography, introduction to the history, public administration, international law or political science, etc. All these fields will help you to lower the burden of interconnected subjects mentioned here.

So, if you choose IR as your field, it will significantly help you prepare for the CSS exam and will pre-train you for the best bureaucratic strategies you would require in the service.

BS English

Everybody knows that English is a crucial subject for passing the CSS exam. You do require a strong command of all the proficiencies of the English language. Choosing BS English literature may stand very useful from the exam’s perspective. Irrespective of the boring poetry and classical English poems, this field will help you to broaden your mindset. You would be highly engaged in immense reading throughout the BS program.

By doing so, you would easily know the secrets of writing skills and be good enough at reading and preparing other subjects. Also, you can cover the two compulsory subjects, English Essay and English (Precis and Composition). Whereas in optional subjects, the English language can easily be chosen which will cover your 100 marks.

BS Political science

Political science can contribute a lot to the CSS exam. It will be useful if you want to join the foreign service of Pakistan (FSP), Pakistan administrative services (PAS), and the police services of Pakistan (PSP).

Apart from this, this subject will assist you in the preparation of philosophy, international relations, public administration, Pakistan’s foreign policy, Pakistan’s ideology, law, logic or economy, etc.; choosing political science will, of course, lead you towards a safe side.

BS Sociology

Sociology is one of the most accessible subjects for the CSS exam. You can learn a lot of things that are currently in your mind about society and its development. It is a very similar study as compared to latent learning in psychology. All the theory of sociology explains our daily life activities, meetings, and social or cultural norms of our society.

Besides this, you would be able to prepare for psychology, criminology, and gender studies during your bachelor’s degree program. This will make you understand Pakistani culture in great detail. Moreover, it is a general subject. Thus, it can be useful to join any service group.

BS Pakistan studies

Very few people tend to choose Pakistan studies as their graduation program. This field has very little saturation as compared to other subjects. Apart from being in compulsory subjects, it can be chosen as an optional subject to study. You will study everything about Pakistan starting from its idea to creation and then from creation to now.

You would cover the independence movement, political and constitutional development in Pakistan, the geography of Pakistan, the history of Pakistan, Muslim rule starting from Muhammad bin Qasim to Bahadur Shah Zafar.

What other subjects you can cover from Pakistan studies are Indo-Pak history and current affairs. It would be helpful for any service group if you choose it as your bachelor’s degree.

BS Defense and diplomatic studies (DDS)

This field is incredible for those who want to join the Military Lands & Cantonment Group of the Pakistan Army. This field is related to military, national security, and politics.

You will also cover international relations, foreign policies of major powers (Russia, America, Turkey, etc.), modern warfare, terrorism, peace conflict or international law, etc.


Students of law are assumed half prepared for the CSS exam. You can choose law as your major degree to pass the CSS exam easily. It covers a lot of optional subjects which can be opted for the CSS exam. You would be able to cover constitutional law, international law, criminal law, fundamentals of economics, or Islamic studies.

These subjects will directly or indirectly help you in the preparation of optional and compulsory subjects. Whereas it can be useful for any service group.


Well, it is also a useful field for the CSS exam. It covers all the areas that are related to history. For example, US history, British history, or Indo-Pak history. This field can be useful for any service group.

All in all, these were the best fields that you can choose after intermediate for passing the CSS exam. Apart from this, keep in mind that the English language is an essential need of overall CSS. Additionally, you have to cover the content of these 12 subjects. Neither you can pass the CSS exam if you know the English language, nor you can pass if you have content only-you need both of them. You have to increase your analytical skills and broaden your ideas through immense reading and strong English language to score the best among thousands of CSS aspirants in Pakistan.

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      Roheel, it is very dependent on your location, i mean in which city are you and can you afford to attend in another city? To get a better idea of universities, i would suggest check their ranking in your desired major!

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